Thank You Sistahs!

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So, Christmas came and went and somehow we survived it all. Fortunately I was able to travel home and it was all because of the generosity of others. There are absolutely no words to describe how elated Iwas to find out that I was going home in Christmas Eve. The sistahs (and some brothers) of Bay Minette, Alabama have truly made me look at the holiday season with new eyes. For all of you that have helped us deal with the situation in our home, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

It’s Christmas Time – Can we talk?

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Today I am trying to feel the holiday spirit and I assure you that it’s hard. I spent the entire night at the hospital with my man’s mom and I am tired. My man’s mom has dementia and this is road that I pray none of you have to travel. I am trying to notice what I have learned about myself during this ordeal. Can I be honest and tell you that sometimes I do not feel charitable. I know we ask each other “what would Jesus Do? ” – but is it really that easy? I have thought long and hard about going back home to Georgia, but I know there is no growth for me there. Plus, I need to be away from the opinions, push and pull of family. I am trying to be a better me. In a world where I have been lied on, spied on, cursed out, humiliated and everything else, I am determined to keep my head up. My personal journey has taken me many wonderful places in the world, and I am now in Alabama with a woman that’s completely crazy. What I know for sure is that this too shall past. I am ready to reclaim my life and my space. Perhaps all of this is here top teach me to appreciate my liberty and freedom when it returns. Pray for me sistahs as I will you. And while you’re at it – have a holly jolly holiday season.

First Meeting!

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Today is the first brick and mortar meeting for the Mocha Bay Sistahhood Cafe and I am so excited. Since I am new to North Baldwin everything is fresh to me. I am determined to get these sistahs unified and out of their element. It is always amazing to me how people can live near oceans, mountains or monuments and never visit those sites.

For those of you that have never heard of Bay Minette, Alabama, let me tell you a bit about it. Bay Minette is located in North Baldwin County county. A county approximately the size of Rhode Island ( about 100 miles long). Our south end is situated on the Gulf of Mexico attracting new residents and tourist. We are that town you get to before to get to everything else. Wouldn’t you know that Lifetime would air THE TOWN THAT TIME FORGOT as I type this:-). I recently joined the Chamber of Commerce and was made a diplomat in a month. I also got really busy with the Friends of the Library organization. I love, love, love working on a big project and this town certainly fits the bill. I wholeheartly believe that America will have to save itself one town at a time. Since I now live in Bay Minette, Alabama – I believe I’ll start here. Well, I have an hour and a half to see who shows up. I’ll keep you guys posted.


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This is the holiday season. The time of year that we acknowledge the birth of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Tonight I had the honor of hearing a sermon by Bishop Knox of Mobile, Alabama and it was life-changing. The sermon was about renewing your mind. It is imperative that we learn to live differently in these trying times we are encountering. The Bishop’s annointed wife was paralyzed for 22 1/2 years. On August 27th 2010 she stood up at a church service and was able to walk. God is TRULY amazing. I hear and see many things in the world that encourage us to sway away from the Gospel. In these times whave to know what we know. There are signs and miracles everywhere – everyday. We are all walking miracles. Living, breathing, sons and daughters, sister and brothers in Christ. As Mary- Mary so eloquently sing “it’s the God in me – remember that these are words to live by. Have a happy Holiday season my sistahfriends.

Holiday moderation

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Just thinking about all the eating that will take place tommorow is making me bloat. The thought of it all also makes me sad. I live with two diabetes and ladies, this disease is taking a toil on the African American community. We have come a long way in our attitudes regarding a lot of issues, but food continues to be the sticking point. If you want to see what a clogged atery looks like, drain the grease of some meat and leave it in a bowl overnight. Believe me, you will be horrified to see what your body is trying to deal with on a daily basis. Couple that with the fact that most of us are not getting enough exercise, if any. I know how tempting it is to eat ham, sweet potato pies, potato salad and all the works. But before you do, ask yourself if it’s worth all belly ache/bulge you will deal with later. Not to mention all that gas. These long-learned eating habits will elevate  your blood sugar, blood pressure and cause heart damage. While I’m at it, let’s not forget the coup de grace -the after dinner cigarette.

 I know we are one day away from Thanksgiving and I what I know is that I am  grateful for all of God’s grace and mercies. I also know that we must learn to value this wonderful gift called life.

For the foodies

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If you are looking for the absolutely best lunch in Baldwin County, try Seasons Cafe  located at 204A East 2nd Street Bay Minette, Alabama 36507. I was recently at my local chamber meeting with the director Margo Allen. She ran out and came back with a lunch to remember.  The sandwich was so fresh & delicious. I mean really, absolutely superb. Grab your kids, parents, co-workers or a good book and get ready for a treat!

Monday Cafe Business Spotlight

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If you are looking for the right scrub or rub for your skin – check out Pampered by Adrienne owned and operated by Adrienne Nixon. This amazing Sistah has created a wonderful product line that not only addresses our skincare issues but is also affordable. The holidays are creeping up on us and ladies we must keep our diva faces on at all times. Buy your gifts a few at a time to avoid being overwhelmed. Make sure to visit Adrienne’s website and order something nice for yourself while you are there.

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